Quite a Summer

It all started in April when my second book The Summer Theatre by the Sea was published. Unlike The Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop which was an e-book only, the second book was published as a paperback as well. This was hugely exciting. I remember answering the door to find the postman standing there with a large box from my publishers and squealing with delight when I realised it was multiple copies of my book!

In May, I had a big birthday. It’s always difficult to know how to celebrate reaching a ‘significant’ age, it can sometimes end up being an anti-climax. I have no problems with ageing, mainly because life has got better the older I’ve got. Things haven’t always been smooth sailing, and like most people, I’ve had a few difficulties over the years, illness, heart-break and loss, the usual stuff. But this meant that when I finally achieved my dream of becoming a published author it was even more special. The last ten years have been my happiest. So why not embrace that, right? I decided to arrange one event every month for the whole year. So far, I’ve had afternoon tea at The Shard, taken part in a chocolate hunt in London, and hosted a big family BBQ, not to mention the holidays. . . yes, ‘plural’.

I’ve never had three holidays in a year before. . . but like I said, this was a ‘special’ year. It started with visiting The Highlands. Travelling through the Cairngorms on the overnight sleeper train was spectacular. I knew the area would be lovely, but I was blown away by how stunning the scenery was. I did a lot of walking, eating, and visited some amazing places. It was so special that I decided to set the next book there! (Look out for Secrets Things and Highland Flings coming May 2019)

Next came my writing holiday in Spain. It’s something I’ve done a few times and it’s a great way to brainstorm ideas, work on a new project, and meet like-minded writers who never cease to offer inspiration, support and friendship. This year was no exception. Add in amazing food, a wonderful setting, and the superbly talented Rosanna Ley as tutor and mentor, and it was everything I hoped the week would be.

A week after getting home from Spain, I was off to the Dominican Republic with my family. What a jet-set lifestyle I lead! I adore my family, and getting to spend two weeks with my nieces and nephews is always huge fun. The Caribbean didn’t disappoint. A tropical setting, endless sunshine, a few too many Pina coladas, and friendly locals, meant the trip was a huge success. Oh, and I also plotted another book! I hadn’t intended to, but an idea just came to me.

So now it’s September and only a month to go until my third book is released, Starlight on the Palace Pier. Where has the year gone? I guess that’s what happens when you get older, time seems to pass quicker. I don’t mind, though. I still have a few more birthday treats lined up. In fact, I might do this every year. . . Okay, maybe not. But I have enjoyed myself. It’s proving to be quite a year!