Someone To Love

It’s hate at first sight for the wedding planners…

It’s down to maid of honour Beth and best man Matt to plan a dream wedding for the absent bride and groom. Not only do they have to handle the bride’s sky-high expectations and their respective dysfunctional families, they also have to deal with each other – and so far, it’s not going well.

Fire-fighter Matt is far too laid-back for Beth’s liking, and Beth’s need to arrive half an hour early for everything is driving Matt crazy. But over the weeks, the arguing and animosity morphs into something else that feels fun and flirty…

With Beth’s father parading his new, half-his-age girlfriend around, her mother set on revenge, Matt’s family refusing to engage in the celebrations, and an addled grandmother thrown in the mix, is there any way Beth and Matt can make the wedding a success?

Release date: 14th April 2022

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  • ‘Enchanting and captivating, I was hooked! An utterly gorgeous story!’
    – Christie Barlow, bestselling author
  • ‘Sunshine in a book!’
    – The Book Trail
  • ‘This book was hard to put down. It grabs you in instantly.’
    – Netgalley Reviewer
  • ‘Perfect for romance and chicklit fans. Loved it’
    – Netgalley Reviewer

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The summer romance novel everyone is talking about!

Evie is busy running the Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop and praying for an uplift in sales as soon as possible. She might be in the market of selling romance, but for Evie a new man is the last thing she needs!

That is until plumber Scott Castillo turns up to fix her boiler. She’s definitely not interested. But then, why does she keep ogling his rather attractive forearms? She’s been fooled before – she isn’t about to fall head-over-heels for some smooth-talker, right?
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  • ‘The Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop is warm, witty and wonderful. I absolutely adored Evie and Scott.’
    – Rosanna Ley, bestselling author
  • ‘What a lovely story! A really relaxed book to read’
    – Goodreads Reviewer
  • ‘I laughed and shed tears while reading this book’
    – Goodreads Reviewer
  • ‘Fabulous writing which kept me hooked from the first page . . . Five Stars!’
    – Goodreads Reviewer