It’s been a crazy year!

2020 was difficult for most people – a year we’d all be happy to forget, I’m sure. For me it was a challenging time because I changed publishers. Not having a publishing deal in place for several months was a worrying time, and I wondered if my writing dream had come to an end. But I kept going and used the time to write two further books. And boy, I’m glad I did. It meant that when my agent contacted me with the exciting news that Canelo Publishing wanted to offer me a deal, two of the four books requested had already been written. This really took the pressure off me! Writing to deadlines adds another level of pressure, so having time to plan out my next two stories knowing two were already ‘in the bag’ was hugely beneficial. 2021 has seen the start of a new chapter for me. ‘Someone Like You’ was released in April 2021, the first of a three-book series. This was followed up by A Winter’s Wish, which was published in August 2021, a standalone Christmas book. It’s so great having these books released into the world and seeing the reviews coming in. The delight of being an author never wears thin – I love it! And so onto the next book, the follow up to Someone Like You… a book I’m thoroughly enjoying writing. Long may it continue! Fingers crossed. x